I Am  30x36 In.


                         Blood and Butterflies 36x48 In.

       Butterfly Dreams 36x48 In.


                         In The Spotlight 24x30 In.

      Le Desespoir 30x36 In. Sold


                          Evening Breeze 24x36 In.

       The Weight Carrier 30x36 In.


                                 Aunt Janou 16x20 In.

          Mom and I 16x20 In.


                                             The Sisters Of The Sun 30x36 In.

           The Lightness of a Promise 36x48 In.

                       After The Storm 36x48 In.

                             Secrets 82x52 In.

         Hiding Out 11x14 In.

  The Prayer Sculpture, Porcelain Clay 


                 Voyage High Up In Dreams. Acrylic on Paper 11x15 in.

Fish Bone, Acrylic Collage on Paper 11x15 in.


All the paintings are made of acrylic on canvas.  The prints are made of collage and acrylic on paper.


Copyrights C Martine Pierre-Louis, 2019.  All rights reserved.