"It starts with a whisper barely audible.  A whisper so soft that most people won't hear it.  If you were able to hear it, you'd think it's a song or maybe a soft cry.  Don't interfere and don't try to help!  It's not needed.  It's simply the birth of an inspiration."  Off Center, 2003.







Left: A Touch Of The Horizon.   Right: Peace On Earth.

Left: Explosion Of A Bloom.   Right: With All My Heart.  

Left: A Gracious Spin.   Right: Crossing The Red Sea.  

Left: You Have Me On a Hook.   Right: Crossing Paths. 

Finding Your Stone, Necklace. 


Left: The Comedian Earrings.  Right:  A Force In Nature Earrings.  

Left: Dipped In Glitter.  Right: Lifting The Strong.

Left:  Balance and Tranquility.  Right: With All My Heart.  

Left:  Light Breeze Earrings.  Right:  Finding Your Stone Earrings.  

Left:  Crossing Paths Earrings  Right:  A Gracious Spin Earrings.  

Left: Explosion Of A Bloom.  Right: Victory @ Sea Clutch. 




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Shoes and bags from left to right - Row one: The Lady And The Ring, Pump.  A Party A Day Keeps A Smile On Your Face, Booties. Row two: Victory At Sea Pump.  Haiti My Darling Espadrilles.  Row three: Sun Confetti Pump.  Raising The Level Of Excitement To High Sandal. Row Four: The Chouchou Boot.  The Chouchou Bag.  Row Five:  The Butterfly Effect Boot.  The Cage Boot. Row Six:  Haiti My Darling Tote Bag.  The Cardinal's Hat Bag.  Row Seven:  Shuffling The Dots flats.  La Cage Clutch.  

Dresses from left to right.  Row One:  The July Bride.  The June Bride.  Row Two: The Little White Gown.  The # 1 Girl Dress. Row Three: Chenille Dress. The Armour Dress. Row Four:  Linda Standing Tall.  Little Black Dress.

Prints and textile from left to right.  Row one:  Looking At You Coucoulou.  The Flow of Happiness in Mustard Sauce.  Row Two:  Water Lilies. The Flow Of Happiness.  Row Three:  Foot Prints.  My Old Elephant Plant.  Row Four:  Peak A Boo.  Orange Roll Ups.  Row Five:  First Sunrise of 2017. Mouse On Avocado And Wings.  Row Six:  X Castle.  Street Lights.  Row Seven: The Stars and The Halos. Make Everyday A Holiday. 


All the designs above are artworks.  They are part of a movement called "Fashion Art."  Art for Fashion is a two hundred and nine color pages catalog filled with hundreds of designs of shoes, handbags, jewelry, textile prints, clothing and symbols.  I designed it between 2008 and 2019.  The book celebrates a movement to bring art and fashion closer together.  Fashion Art is the first online fashion show without products. It is an innovative way for upcoming designers to test their ideas and present their collection to buyers without the upfront manufacturing cost.  

Fashion Art is defined as art created exclusively for the benefit of fashion.  It does not go on a canvas first and later be ripped into pieces and plastered on to a dress, a piece of fabric, a shirt or something else.  Instead, it comes first as fashion that is a "work of art."  All the designs above are made of acrylic and collage on paper.  Please join the movement and spread the word!  

For sales and licensing agreements inquiries or to request a catalog, please fill out a request information form on the contact page.



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From Left to Right: Pinky Fluff, Jimbro, Supbro, Rapopo. "The Moody Schups" rap band. They love to shake their booties. They are famous for being too cute. They get annoyed if you pick them up. They do not like to cuddle. You can read the full story on the comics page. 

Frogo: "Kids, let's keep this on the down low."

Bobby: "It's gonna be huge!"

Frogo Jr.: "We're going in!" 

Frogo and his two sons are delinquent builders. They take over people's land to build tennis courts. Watch out for this gang in your neighborhood! You can read the full story on the comics page.

Top left, Miss Shili: "I love when Ogi sounds like a dog." Top right, Willi: "Ogi is confused. We are not dogs, we are Crab Dogs." The Crab Dogs have an identity crisis. They are trying to resolve that issue quickly. You can read the full story on the comics page.

Top left, Leepy: "I am going back to bed." Top right, The Booty and The Press.

Top left, Diaper Poupsy. He refuses to be potty train. Top right, Tudor. He is Leepy's dog. "Come on man, I need to go outside."

Top left, Gibou: "Are you my best friend?" Top right, Big Po: "I think so, but I can't remember where we met." These two are social media friends.   

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